Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Celtics Aqcuire Veteran PG

Hello everyone, and welcome to my Boston Celtics blog. First I would like to say how great it is to finally have the magic back in Boston, and as they say "THE GREEN IS BACK!".

Now, to business. Celtics today will sign veteran PG Sam Cassell, who will bring much needed experience to the PG position as the C's look to take #17. Rondo is a great point guard and all, but bringing in Cassell to back him up was a great move in my opinion. This will bring play-off experience, and it brings a familiar feel to Ray Allen, who played with Cassell in Milawaukee and Kevin Garnett who was team mates with him in Minnesota when they had the best record in the West.

Cassell is expected to have a physical this afternoon and sign his deal tonight. He is also expected to practice with the team tomorrow before the Pistons game. Although he it is unlikely for Cassell to play tomorrow, another veteran acquisition may see some time tomorrow. Doc Rivers has said we might see P.J. Brown make his Celtics debut against the pistons according to the Boston Celtics official website.

As the C's continue to march on and take control over the East, the attention is all on tomorrows game against the Detroit Pistons. The C's and Pistons has split both games this season both losing on their home courts. As the C's play in Boston tomorrow, let's hope this doesn't happen again.

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Nate Gonner said...

This will definitely help with Boston's depth which they have been lacking all season.